Vendor Research

Bersin's research and analysis helps you better understand how HR tech vendors can benefit your organization

Making sense of the tools, services, and solutions available to HR organizations.

Resources to support your business

Market landscapes

Our solution-provider coverage crosses all areas of HR. We identify the various segments within each area, articulate the capabilities across these segments and discern the important attributes that differentiate providers from each other.

Solution provider profiles

Our solution-provider database includes hundreds of profiles of impartial information about software, service, and content providers serving HR, Learning and Talent management.

Solutions implementation

These insights will help you learn how to utilize these solutions. We help members identify and select the right providers and then implement solutions.

Market influence

We gather information about members’ needs and preferences and then share this knowledge with solutions providers so that they can develop products and services to meet these needs.

"I love Bersin research. I use it consistently to build business cases for customers, to know what's top of mind for the industry and to see where the trends are going"

VP Of Marketing Xyleme

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