Rewards offerings are among the most fundamental and effective levers that can be applied by employers to both secure and increase employee participation and engagement.

Helping members to attract, engage, motivate, develop, and retain employees by leveraging a holistic view of rewards, a comprehensive understanding of the function’s many points of organizational connection, and a focus on the employee as customer.

Rewards challenges

Employee as customer

"Employee as customer" represents a significant departure from the early, paternalistic origins of the rewards discipline when the perception was that employers knew what was best for their employees.

Holistic definition of “rewards”

A holistic and inclusive definition of rewards requires that organizations incorporate all elements of the employer/employee relationship to which employees ascribe value.

Interconnected discipline

The Rewards function has many points of connection with other HR disciplines, and various stakeholder functions across the organization and the necessity of this integration should not be underestimated.

How we help

Emerging trends

Bersin by Deloitte can help Rewards functions stay on top of emerging trends and provide research-based thought partnership on their rewards strategy.

Engagement through transparency

We help organizations become more transparent with their employees around rewards offering design and intent so that they may have a more accurate understanding of the full value and actual costs of their rewards program.

Team capabilities

We can help Rewards leaders dissect their existing culture and infuse new capabilities in their team so that they may undertake change initiatives confidently.