Work and learning are intimately connected. Workers who are able to quickly find and absorb information are more agile and more able to deliver the business strategy.

Helping members create a modern learning experience by fully integrating learning within the flow of work and at the point of need enabling leader and employee development wherever and whenever it happens.

Learning challenges

Invisible L&D

L&D is reuniting work and learning. Moving away from content creation, facilitation, and delivery, forward-thinking organizations are focusing instead on every interaction a worker has with tools, systems, processes, people, or ideas, and enabling learning wherever and whenever it occurs in the organization.


Content is becoming commoditized. Contextualization -- understanding, personalizing, relating and curating content -- is becoming more important than the content itself.

Leadership development

Organizations striving to improve business outcomes through leadership capabilities should examine their work environments and cultures and approach leadership development in a systemic manner allowing leaders to become successful learners on a daily basis.

How we help

A learning organization

Bersin’s extensive research enables us to help companies stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing global economy, move beyond traditional ideas about L&D, and evolve into true learning organizations.

Digital learning

We can help organizations bring learning to people throughout their digital experience by shifting toward an employee-centric design, using design thinking, and building a new learning architecture.

Learning technology

Based on our deep knowledge of the learning vendor market, we can help organizations find and choose the best technology solutions for their learning strategy.