Human Resources

Equipping HR professionals with strategies and tools to build a highly effective organization.

Helping organizations fuel sustained performance through the one asset that will always matter: your people.

Human Resources challenges

Digital HR

New technologies, shifting demographics, and fluid labor markets are combining to reshape our workplaces at an accelerating pace.

Consumer-grade experiences

HR has the ability to enable experiences for the workforce that are highly personalized, compelling, and ultimately supportive of optimized productivity.

The human capital balance sheet

Ongoing spend and risk management can help you ensure your costs have the specific and intended impact on the human capital balance sheet and that a return on investment is clear and measurable.

How we help

HR effectiveness

Bersin by Deloitte can help HR take an active role in creating the organization of the future while driving business to stay ahead of today’s market disruptions.

Design thinking

We help organizations use design thinking and take an outside-in perspective that enables and encourages the organization to treat the workforce like customers.

Models & Analytics

Our maturity models and analytics capabilities power organizations with credible insights to support and validate business and talent decisions.