An increasingly global economy, rapid technological advances, and a more networked world have accelerated the pace of change organizations must cope with to stay competitive. However, while the world seems to spinning ever faster, most organizations have done a fairly poor job of adapting the employee development systems, processes, methodologies, and mindsets that enable workers to respond effectively to change and support organizational performance. Bersin’s new High-Impact Learning Organization research provides a bold picture of what organizations should be doing to help develop their workforces and support learning.

Our new maturity model illustrates the point that work and learning must be intertwined, and learning organizations that can embed learning in the everyday flow of work have more impact on both the business and learners. Join David Mallon, Vice President and Analyst-at-Learning, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP, as he shares highlighted findings from this research, including:

  • demonstrated benefits of high-impact learning maturity;
  • the factors that most differentiate high-maturity organizations from the rest; and
  • practical guidance on ways other organizations can upgrade their own approaches and strategies – improving capabilities to anticipate needs, offer high-value developmental opportunities, and leverage the learning inherent in work itself.


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