Our maturity diagnostics provide relevant, credible data and insights about the effectiveness and impact of your HR functions

Revealing the key performance drivers that can help accelerate an organization’s capabilities.

Tools to analyze your business

Distinguish between remedial, good, and great

Our sophisticated, research-based diagnostics assess 14-20 relevant factors and dimensions of maturity across four progressive stages. Diagnostics are currently available for Succession Management, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

Align stakeholders

A customized, half-day, onsite experience that includes a detailed debrief that helps teams uncover specific challenges, pinpoint issues, and identify enablers and barriers to success.

Find and implement solutions

During the onsite visit, teams ideate innovative yet practical solutions. By the end of the experience, the team will determine a path forward that is supported with relevant Bersin research, tools, and guidance from Bersin advisors.

Identify and prioritize initiatives

By assessing the maturity of your various HR, Learning, and Talent functions, you can undertake initiatives confidently, move forward with impact, and demonstrate to the CHRO your strengths, development opportunities, and progress.

“We were really impressed by the case studies and all of the thought leadership, and the connectivity that Bersin provides.“

Rachael Moss Global Talent Management Leader
Equinix, Inc.

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