Xilinx Member Spotlight

Xilinx created a continuous learning culture – one where learners can be inspired and engage in shared learning and collaboration.   Over the past year, Xilinx has introduced a new learning strategy called “Learn to the Power of X,” (Learnx) which represents the infinite possibilities for employees to learn and grow in a personalized and … Continued

Deutsche Telekom Accelerates Digital Disruption with an Innovative Practice

Jeff Mike, EdD, Vice President, Human Resources Research Leader Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP Overview Deutsche Telekom (DT) has had a long and successful history, from its founding as a state-owned entity in 1947 to its present-day structure as a public corporation. Dramatic shifts in economic, social, and geopolitical structures have prepared today’s company leadership to … Continued

The Degreed Acquisition of Pathgather and What It Could Mean for the Learning Organization

Degreed has announced they are acquiring Pathgather,[1] creating the possibility for there to be a major leader in the learning experience platforms (LXP)[2] market. While LXPs are still evolving, these tools help simplify the means of curating and aggregating content, creating learning and career pathways, enabling networking, enhancing skill development, and tracking learning activities delivered via multiple … Continued

6 Ways to Create an Engaging Career Website

6 Ways to Create an Engaging Career Website A candidate’s first introduction to an organization is often through the company’s career website. So it’s no surprise that effective companies ensure that such web content is engaging and impactful. These organizations are now moving away from the traditional “demands-abilities” approach to job descriptions, which focuses only … Continued

What Is Talent in the Future of Work?

What Is Talent in the Future of Work? The definition of talent is changing in today’s workplace, contrib-uting to a tumultuous shift in how HR professionals manage their talent. This disruptive environment is forcing leaders all over the world to readjust their settings when it comes to attracting and nurturing talent in their organizations. Learning … Continued

Augmenting the Workforce: Tools and Technologies to Know

Augmenting the Workforce: Tools and Technologies to Know From text analysis that uncovers cultural issues to technologies that “understand” interactions with help desks, the hope is that cognitive tools can elevate the performance of HR, and, ultimately, improve the employee experience. Whether your organization has explored open-source platforms or used proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) in … Continued

Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends: The rise of the social enterprise

This year’s 10 trends, informed by a survey of more than 11,000 HR and business leaders globally, signal seismic changes as organizations are increasingly judged not only on their relationships with workers, customers, and communities but also their impact on society at large—transforming them from business enterprises to social enterprises. Below, you’ll find each of the … Continued

No Longer Just an Afterthought: High-Performing Talent Acquisition Teams Influence Organizational Profitability

I’m excited to announce that we just published Bersin’s latest High-Impact Talent Acquisition (HITA) study, with 1,220 global participants. This study is only our second industry study for talent acquisition—and, yes, the world has changed since our last industry study published in September 2014. We found that talent acquisition (TA) can contribute meaningfully to an … Continued

Teams, HR and Organization Design

Our research has confirmed that designing the organization of the future is a top challenge for business executives around the world.[1] The dynamic nature of an increasingly digital economy and the expectations of data-empowered customers require businesses to operate with an unprecedented combination of precision and agility. As a result, many organizations are moving from … Continued