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Find out how our membership helps growing businesses assess current capabilities and prioritize talent initiatives.

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We are excited to introduce BersinWorks, the latest evolution of our membership program for small and midsize organizations. Tailored to meet the needs of mid-market HR teams, BersinWorks helps growing businesses assess current capabilities and prioritize talent initiatives.

BersinWorks provides a suite of research, tools, benchmarking, and data to help solve today’s toughest and most urgent HR, talent and learning challenges. Our resources and practical approaches provide the knowledge, insights, and step-by-step guidance HR professionals need to build, support and improve the HR function.

Whether an organization needs help retaining key talent, growing employees’ talent skills, managing millennials or providing a foundation for effective succession planning, our membership can help a company as it grows.

BersinWorks provides many potential business benefits:

  • Identify and prioritize HR and talent initiatives with market-leading research and benchmarking.
  • Make better talent decisions based on timely, in-depth research and analytics.
  • Understand key drivers of attraction, engagement and departure with our employee survey and management reporting system.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the organization using demonstrated step-by-step strategies and guides.
  • Measure the organization’s capabilities with benchmarks, calculators and evaluations to support a business case for change.
  • Easily assess HR products and technologies to identify a solution provider for the organization’s individual business needs.

BersinWorks offers a comprehensive approach:


Find insights and develop knowledge about various HR and talent topics with our market-leading research.

Employee Experience Dashboard

Gain insight on unique drivers of employee attraction, engagement, and retention with our integrated new-hire, engagement, and exit surveys and management reporting platform.

Online Rapid Assessments

Quickly evaluate your organization’s current practices in talent management against our research-based maturity models with our online assessments.

HR Math™ Calculators

Understand the true cost of turnover in your organization or measure leadership bench strength in your succession management plan using our online calculators. Complete complex calculations with an easy-to-use interactive format.

Interactive Factbooks

Support business decisions to advance your HR, Talent and Learning strategies with Interactive Factbooks. Measure the effectiveness of your organization and analyze your data against credible peer benchmarks.

And much more!

All features described above are not available for all membership subscriptions. To learn more, please contact one of our associates.

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  • 85% of executives rank engagement as a top priority. Only 46% of companies report that they are prepared to tackle the engagement challenge.
  • 84% of mid-market organizations report they are not utilizing talent strategies
  • 82% of mid-market organizations need to prioritize the creation of a stronger culture of leadership and learning

“We looked to Bersin by Deloitte for help with a learning and development plan and found the high-impact learning organization Maturity Model report accompanied by the learning organization Maturity Model self-assessment. Those resources are what we used to help define our strategic L&D plan for the future.” – Ann Walker, Head of Talent Management, Erie Insurance Group