1. Diversity and Inclusion Business Case (editable PPT)
This tool provides a framework with which to present a business case for establishing ...
Published: 03/31/2014 Access: Member

2. Collecting Useful Diversity and Inclusion Metrics: A Four-Step Process
Whether you are just beginning the process of defining a diversity and inclusion strategy, ...
Published: 03/31/2014 Access: Member

3. Diversity and Inclusion Metrics: Getting Started
Worksheet to help users to choose and gather metrics for diversity and inclusion.
Published: 03/31/2014 Access: Member

4. Development Planning: Employee Prep Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to help employees to prepare for development planning discussions with ...
Published: 09/26/2013 Access: Member

5. Development Planning: Manager Prep Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to help managers to plan for development discussions with their ...
Published: 09/26/2013 Access: Member

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