New Bersin WhatWorks® Research Coverage Areas

Our WhatWorks® research coverage now encompasses a total of 11 new and expanded subject areas. These subject areas address some of the most urgent and current challenges in corporate talent management, and provide access to more than 200 research reports, tools, presentations, and other forms of relevant content, creating an even richer experience for our research members.

Members can access all of these areas through BersinInsights®, our groundbreaking platform that lets members personalize their access to content, making information relevant, easy to find, and highly practical – regardless of your level of sophistication. To learn more about the subject areas, please see below for frequently asked questions, complete descriptions and links to complimentary reports and WhatWorks® briefs.

For more information on these new subject areas and details on Bersin's research membership, please contact us at or (510) 251-4400.

Subject Area Details Research for Members Complimentary Research and WhatWorks® Briefs
Human Resources Practice Subject Areas
Employee Engagement includes new research on the engagement services market, tools for employee engagement, our engagement process model, and best-practice case studies in employee engagement programs. Employee Engagement: Market Review, Buyer’s Guide and Provider Profiles Employee Engagement: Behind the #1 Metric
Rewards & Recognition encompasses all aspects of modern recognition programs, including our new research on social recognition strategies, recognition benchmarks and examples, our employee recognition and rewards framework, and best-practice tools and case studies in high-impact employee recognition. High-Impact Performance Management: Five Best Practices to Make Recognition and Rewards Meaningful The Employee Recognition Maturity Model: A Roadmap to Strategic Recognition
HR & Talent Analytics is one of the hottest topics in HR today. This subject area includes Bersin’s comprehensive research on BigData in HR, tools, and our new HR Measurement framework and primer. It will also include new research on vendor tools and best-practice case studies in HR and talent analytics. Big Data in HR: Building a Competitive Talent Analytics Function – The Four Stages of Maturity Making Better Decisions: Data, Big Data and You
HR Tools & Technology now comprises research and best-practice tools in all areas of HR tools, including new research on core HRMS systems and cloud-based HR solution providers. Talent Management Systems 2013: Market Analysis, Trends and Solution Provider Profiles Learning Management Systems: Finding Your Way Through the Maze
HR Planning & Strategy includes research and tools on High-Impact HR, including organization and governance, benchmarking, structure, roles, service delivery, and the role of the CHRO. The HR Measurement Framework The HR Factbook 2011®: Executive Summary
Talent Acquisition Practice Subject Areas
Employment Branding includes a variety of case studies, research bulletins, and best-practice reports on the critical area of employment branding. Employment Branding: From Recruitment to Retention  
Sourcing & Recruiting covers all areas of social and traditional sourcing and detailed tools and case studies on the many parts of the recruiting and candidate outreach process. The Talent Acquisition Framework: A Modern Approach for Recruiting Top Talent  
Screening & Interviewing touches all aspects of pre-employment screening, reference checking, best practices in the interviewing process, and the use of new tools and technologies (i.e. video) for scalable interviewing. People Intelligence: A Business Imperative for High-Performing Organizations  
Talent Management Practice Subject Areas
Career Management covers the exploding area of career development programs, strategies, and models. This area includes a variety of tools, the Bersin functional and managerial career development model, case studies, and member webcasts on career development strategies. High-Impact Performance Management: Improving Development Planning Strategic Human Resources and Talent Management: Predictions for 2012 – Driving Organizational Performance amidst an Imbalanced Global Workforce
Learning & Development Subject Areas
Learning Culture One of the hottest new topics in L&D is the need to diagnose, improve, and manage learning culture. This subject area covers all aspects of Bersin's High-Impact Learning Culture research, new tools, videos, and best-practice case studies in high impact learning culture. Key Findings: Becoming a High-Impact Learning Organization 40 Best Practices for Creating an Empowered Enterprise
Performance Consulting has become a critical subject area for L&D success. This subject area includes new case studies, tools, and research on audience analysis and other parts of performance consulting, as well as best-practice case studies and practitioner videos. Performance Consulting: UnitedHealth Group Takes a Holistic Approach to Maximizing Performance Maximizing the Impact of Goal-Setting and Revising

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean to you?

1. New tools and best-practice research on today’s hottest challenges in HR.

Predictive analytics, employee engagement, learning culture, pre-hire assessment, social recognition, and employment branding are all critical strategies which drive business performance. The new Bersin subject areas give your organization all the information, tools, and professional development you need to understand, implement, and grow your expertise in these business-critical areas.

2. Integrated tools and research to help your entire team.

Now your entire organization can access an integrated set of practical, research-based tools and information. All the Bersin subject areas share similar models, frameworks, and best-practices. For example, the new subject areas show how engagement is linked to recognition, and how analytics can be used to measure and improve employee engagement and your employment brand.

Rather than hire multiple consultants or browse the internet to learn about these critical areas, your entire HR team can work together on these critical initiatives, enabling people to share models, rapidly come up to speed, and build world-class solutions.

BersinInsights® lets all the professionals in your organization personalize their access to information, making information relevant, easy to find, and highly practical – regardless of your level of sophistication. The Bersin library is designed for easy use by everyone in the team – from executives to new practitioners.

3. New solution provider and research provided weekly

All Bersin subject areas are updated constantly, so your membership not only gives you the widest available set of research-based best practices, but information is always current and up to date. All subject areas include practitioner videos, new and updated vendor information, as well as regular best-practice case studies and groundbreaking research. Every week Bersin publishes new material, making these subject areas a place to visit regularly as new needs and projects arise.

For more information on these new subject areas and details on Bersin's research membership, please contact us at or (510) 251-4400