Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common search tips to improve my search experience?
  • Watch a tutorial on our improved search functionality
  • Keyword searches return all the research that matches your search. You can limit the result set by excluding research types, limiting the page range of published dates you would like to see and selecting and unselecting Practices and Subjects
  • By default, searches will be conducted using all the individual words you enter. When searching for a specific phrase place double quotes (e.g. "talent mobility") around the search term. The search will prioritize research that has only the exact phrase in the title, description and contents
  • When searching for videos and webcasts you will need to select only those asset types once you've conducted the keyword search. This search content may appear lower in the result set than actual documents so you need to filter this content out of the result set
  • The wild card character "*" can be used to find results that partially match your search

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I am having trouble downloading a document. What should I do?

Many computers have "popup blockers," which prevent your system from opening one of our documents. If you click on a document and your screen refreshes but nothing happens, the high likelihood is that you have a popup blocker which is preventing the browser from opening the report.

To fix this, hold down the CTRL ("control") key as you click on the document. If this does not work, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you debug the problem. We do recommend that you use Internet Explorer, although we know that Mozilla Firefox and other browsers also work well.

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I did not receive my Complimentary activation email. How can I activate my account?

If you registered as a Complimentary user and did not receive an account activation email, you can have the email resent to you by visiting the account email activation page and supplying the email address you entered when registering.

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How do I view a document?

All documents in the research center are secured by a security level. As a trial member, you will be able to see a small subset of information. As a member, you will have access to all information as well as Ask the Experts.

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How do I get logged in?

After you register you will receive an activation link in your email. After you click on this link, you will receive a user ID and password. This user ID and password will give you access to view documents in the Research Library. If you want to change your user ID or password, once you have logged into the site, click on the My Profile link in the top right corner of the page.

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How do I access research assets?

Whenever you click on a assets (i.e. report, video, webcast recording), you will see the assetstitle page. The title page helps you decide if you want to view the asset. You can then download the assetby clicking on the "download now" button. All assets will load in a new browser window.

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What is Ask the Experts®?

One of the most powerful ways to solve problems and get information is to find others who have already solved your problem. In many cases that is us, but in some cases you may want to talk with someone in your industry or your subject of expertise. Ask the Experts is a way to immediately browse the hundreds of questions and answers in our database and reach our analysts for answers to key questions. 

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Can I share documents with other people?

No. Bersin research is licensed for use by you, the licensed member. Each member has their own user ID and has unique access to the research for their usage, based on our terms of use.

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Can I buy individual studies, reports, and documents?

As a research member, all documents in your subscription license are available to you. If you would like to purchase specific reports, you will see an "add to cart" button.

This button will take you directly to the research store so you can purchase the individual document you need. If you purchase a document, we will give you up to 50% credit toward a research membership if you join within 30 days of purchase.

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What is on your research calendar? How can I direct your research toward my particular needs?

Our research calendar is available for members to view. We are constantly reviewing organization's needs. If you have a particular research interest please contact us. We often have the research available immediately or can perform a custom research project very easily.

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How do you work with solution providers?

We have relationships with most major (and many small) solution providers in enterprise learning and talent management. These include LMS, HR and talent management systems companies, consulting and outsourcing firms, content developers and suppliers, tools developers, and many other service providers (assessment companies, measurement companies, and others). These companies are our clients and we regularly receive updates on their products and services.

We are 100% vendor-neutral, and pride ourselves on giving you objective opinions on which vendors you should select. Occasionally we do consulting work for solution providers, but we have no financial ties or partnerships with any suppliers. In fact, one of our five principles is integrity – our greatest value to you is providing you accurate and actionable information on the products and services from these suppliers.

If you are a supplier of products or services in enterprise learning and talent management, please contact us – we would like to learn more about your offerings and your market positioning and would be happy to include you in many of our research offerings.

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How do I get my specific question answered?

If you have a particular specific question, there are two ways to get an answer. First, you can enter the "Ask the Experts" section and post your question for us or your peers. These questions will be addressed within the requested time. To schedule a call with one of our analysts, please call Service at (510) 251-4400 or email Service @

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Can you help me select tools, talent systems or other infrastructure?

Absolutely. Many of our research documents, methodologies, and tools will help you make these decisions. We offer selection guides, methodologies, and many case studies to help with this process. Although we do not specifically recommend tools, we frequently post and publicize strengths and weaknesses of different vendor products.

In general, we believe technology should be selected based on business needs and specific business requirements, not product features. If you need detailed assistance, we often provide advisory services to help you through the selection process.

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How are your documents secured?

We have implemented a PDF security process for industry studies. The files will also be "stamped" with your organization name.

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Having problems viewing a webinar?

To view a webinar, you must first download the Interwise player. Click here to download the player and then try viewing the webinar again. For more details, view our  webinar troubleshooting guide.

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Where can I find Self Registration instructions?

For detailed instructions on Member Self Registration and Account Management, view our  Self Registration Instructions page.

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 How do I clear my browser's cache and cookies?

For detailed information on how to clear cookies and cache in different browsers, go to

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I am having trouble viewing some pages on Internet Explorer 11, what should I do?

Please try the following browser setting change. If you still have trouble viewing, Email  for support.

  • When you are on on IE11, go to Tools -> Compatibility View Settings.
  • In the pop-up window, "" should already be ready to be added. If not, type and then click Add to add it to list of website for compatibility view. Click Ok.
  • Now proceed to change settings. IE11 would now use lower (IE10 or 9) mode for all pages of

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 What is silverlight and how do I install it on my computer?

 For information on Silverlight, visit:

To install it on your computer, visit:


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 Can I change my user name and password?

Yes. On the top of the BersinInsights page there is an arrow next to your name. If you hover over the arrow, you will see a drop down for the “Profile” page. Once on the Profile page, click “Edit Profile”. Make any changes to the username and password and click “Save”.

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 What do the settings under the Practices tab on the Profile page do?

You can personalize the content that BersinInsights presents to you by changing the subject settings. These settings will control the email notifications you receive and the content that is prioriitezed for you on the Home page.

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 Can I share my username and password with others in my organization?

Your username and password to BersinInsights is licensed for your use only. Contact your administrator or Email for more information.

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 Why do I see some if your research under “Other Practices”?

The research under Other Practices can be licensed for your organization. Please contact your administrator or Email for more information.

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 What do the settings under the Notifications tab do?

BersinInsights can notify you by email when new blogs and research is published. You can set notification preferences by any practice or subject. BersinInsights will use the subjects under the Practices tab on the Profile page to personalize your notification preferences. You can also choose to opt out of all notifications.

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