Introducing the Employee Experience Dashboard
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An exclusive feature of BersinWorks, the Employee Experience Dashboard (EED) allows you to identify your organization’s unique drivers of performance with our all-in-one online employee lifecycle survey administration and reporting dashboard.

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The EED can help you meet today's vital business needs by identifying your organization’s unique drivers of attraction, engagement, and retention. The service, which is part of your BersinWorks membership, offers an integrated analysis of employee engagement based on our proprietary “Simply Irresistible” methodology. Real-time employee level reporting allows you to quickly understand your organization’s opportunities for growth.

The EED features robust and detailed surveys which measure critical performance factors such as:

  • New Hire: Application Length, Recruiting Process and Onboarding
  • Engagement: Meaningful Work, Positive Work Environment and Trust in Leadership
  • Exit: Departure Reason, Dissatisfaction & Satisfaction Drivers and Likeliness to Return

Additional in-membership features include:

  • Consistent set of metrics across surveys for improved benchmarking
  • Easy-to-understand management reporting dashboard
  • Self-service survey administration
  • Action planning assistance tied to Bersin by Deloitte research

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