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Bersin by Deloitte Communities

Tapping the Power and Experience of Your Peers to Solve Today’s Complex HR, Talent and Learning Challenges

Organizations today face a wide range of increasingly complex Human Resource, Talent and Learning challenges. New technologies are changing work in countless ways, and huge demographic shifts are creating a workforce that is simultaneously getting younger, older, more urban and more global.[1] How do you and your team keep current on solutions to pressing challenges in this complex environment? How can you tap the experience of professionals in other organizations who have solved similar challenges? Where can you turn to learn from your peers and grow your own capabilities?

Bersin by Deloitte Communities is a specialist-based network of your professional peers supported by our extensive research and designed to help you with today’s most pressing HR, Talent and learning challenges. Part of a WhatWorks® Membership, Communities have similar functionality to other popular social networks. However, the environment is different in ways that will enhance the value of a WhatWorks membership. Supported by Bersin by Deloitte’s leading analysis and resources, Communities makes it easy for you and your fellow WhatWorks Members to connect with each other and readily tap the experience and real-world knowledge needed to solve specific HR, Talent and Learning problems such as attracting top-tier talent, increasing engagement, reducing turnover and increasing productivity.

Bersin by Deloitte Communities correspond to each of the five practice areas that comprise the Bersin WhatWorks membership offering: Human Resources, Leadership Development, Learning & Development; Talent Acquisition; and Talent Management.

Use Bersin by Deloitte Communities to:

Connect with peers

BersinInsights allows you to connect with WhatWorks members just like you. Members with active profiles opt-in to participate in Communities and may benefit from the networking and collaborative features of BersinInsights. All WhatWorks members have access to all communities, regardless of the Practices in their organization’s membership. To address a new conversation topic requires joining a Community, and as part of a Community membership, members receive a Daily Digest of new conversations occurring within each Community.

Guide decision-making

Conversations are tied to individual resources such as Research, Playbooks and Ask the Experts. They also are provided at the community level to allow you to share your challenges and address your questions directly to peers who are focused on the area of consideration. For example, a question posed to the Talent Management Community will reach hundreds of WhatWorks members with relevant and compatible practice experience.

Boost productivity and grow capabilities

Conversation among peers is the lifeblood of the Community and allows active members to benchmark solutions, solve problems, and grow individual and organizational capabilities through the use of the BersinInsights platform. Potential benefits include:

  • Increased productivity by providing access to the experience of a global network of peers who may address challenges quickly;
  • Reduced risk by securing recommendations from experienced peers for solutions to specific challenges and;
  • Cost savings resulting from independent recommendations of software and vendor solutions that match your needs.

Build your brand

Bersin by Deloitte Communities encourages you to identify your own interests, skill levels and to keep that information up to date. Self-identifying your interests and experience determines how BersinInsights serves you resources, such as research and Playbooks, the prescriptive, step-by-step programs that embed Bersin frameworks, maturity models and benchmarking information to help your team design solutions to talent challenges rapidly and effectively.

The process of self-identifying your interests also provides the system with information it can use to recommend colleagues, and in turn allow fellow WhatWorks members to find you, enabling you to build your own personal “brand” within a network of professionals with similar interests.

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[1] Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21st-century workforce, a report by Deloitte Consulting LLP and Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte University Press, March 2014