1. Smartphones in the Workforce: What HR Practitioners Say about Planned Use 
When we look at the readiness to adopt mobile technology by traditional HR departments, ...
Published: 06/18/2015 Access: Member

2. Smartphone Support in Talent and HR Applications 2015
This report serves as an introduction to the type and use of technology available ...
Published: 05/28/2015 Access: Member

3. The Guide to Succession Management Technology 2015: Managing Succession with Software
This serves as an introduction to the issues that impact current succession management technology ...
Published: 04/08/2015 Access: Member

4. The Guide to Performance Management Software 2015: A Roadmap to Performance Management and the Solutions That Support It
Performance management is not something that high-impact organizations “do,” but is instead a way ...
Published: 03/12/2015 Access: Member

5. Onboarding Software Solutions 2014: On-Ramp for Employee Success
Getting started right in a new job is a critical component of success. This ...
Published: 10/07/2014 Access: Member

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