1. CFO Insights: Unlocking the secrets of employee engagement
This article discusses how the traditional employee-work contract has changed and why companies should ...
Published: 09/28/2015 Access: Member

2. The Daunting Challenges of Human Resources Today
This report looks at the many difficult challenges facing HR leaders today, explains why ...
Published: 09/10/2015 Access: Complimentary

3. Seeds of Change: How a Prosperous Middle Eastern Nation Is Changing the Way It Conducts Business, Transforming Itself in the Process
A prosperous Middle Eastern nation employs change management practices in planning an economic and ...
Published: 09/10/2015 Access: Member

4. Building a Leadership Culture to Boost the Bottom Line: Earls Kitchen + Bar’s Journey to Business-Embedded HR
This case study explores how Earls Kitchen + Bar put people decisions and growth ...
Published: 07/29/2015 Access: Member

5. Maximizing Training Investment with Reporting and Analytics: A New Self-Service Solution Enhances the Value of Training at Omega Performance
This case study explores Omega Performance's "analytics reporting" solution, which enables clients to measure ...
Published: 07/23/2015 Access: Member

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