1. From the Armed Forces to the Workforce: Why is Veteran Hiring a Smart Move to Make? (Webinar Recording)
During this webinar we examine the identified benefits of veteran hiring initiatives with the ...
Published: 09/16/2015 Access: Member

2. Recruiters and Hiring Managers Align for Results: IMPACT 2015 Panel Transcription
From Bersin by Deloitte IMPACT 2015: This report is a transcription of an IMPACT ...
Published: 08/26/2015 Access: Member

3. Partnering with Hiring Managers: How Recruiters Can Improve Talent Acquisition Performance
The purpose of this report is to showcase effective relationships between recruiters and hiring ...
Published: 08/26/2015 Access: Member

4. Establishing Accountability and Trust between Recruiters and Hiring Managers: Creating In-House Service-Level Agreements
This report describes how service-level agreements (SLAs)—contracts typically employed between vendors and their customers—can be ...
Published: 08/26/2015 Access: Member

5. Partners in Process: Recruiters and Hiring Managers Align for Improved Talent Acquisition Performance (Webinar Recording)
This webinar showcases effective relationships between recruiters and hiring managers by describing the value ...
Published: 05/28/2015 Access: Member

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