11. How to Create a Learning Council
This document is a recipe providing the key steps necessary to create a learning ...
Published: 11/16/2015 Access: Member

12. Delivering Capability: Align L&D to Build Employee Skills & Support Business Strategies
This report provides a high-level overview of what it means to align L&D to ...
Published: 11/16/2015 Access: Member

13. Aligning L&D to the Rest of the Organization: A Primer
This report discusses how aligning L&D strategies with business objectives, rethinking the traditional role ...
Published: 11/05/2015 Access: Member

14. Designing a High-Impact Learning Organization: Structuring L&D to Maximize Alignment, Resilience & Responsiveness (Infographic)
This infographic illustrates how to apply high-impact HR design principles to your learning organization ...
Published: 11/05/2015 Access: Member

15. Lead Roles in a Continuous Learning Model: Aligning the Organization in Support of the Learner
This report describes the major actors and stakeholder groups typically engaged in an effective ...
Published: 10/29/2015 Access: Member

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