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Advanced Workforce Planning: Driving 28% Higher Efficiency and Effectiveness

Advanced Workforce Planning: Driving 28% Higher Efficiency and Effectiveness

Can workforce planning really drive tangible business results?  Our High-Impact HR research found that over 18% of organizations conduct no form of workforce planning even though organizations that practice advanced workforce planning efforts had on average 28% higher efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment scores than the typical HR function.

This crucial process helps HR leaders align workforce and talent initiatives to the organization’s long-term goals. But how can an organization go about assessing the current workforce and planning for future needs?

The recently published research bulletin, The Value of Advanced Workforce Planning Capabilities, provides an overview of best practices for developing advanced workforce planning capabilities, as well as details on how organizations can take their first steps toward more strategic workforce planning.  This research bulletin covers:

  • Workforce Planning Activities – The process and activities that organizations undertake to implement workforce planning.
  • Stages of Maturity in Workforce Planning – The various levels of sophistication as organizations increase their workforce planning capabilities.
  • Advanced Workforce Planning Challenges – The roadblocks faced by organizations implementing advanced practices and recommendations on overcoming those challenges.
  • The Impact of Advanced Workforce Planning – How advanced workforce planning can make a difference for strategic HR functions.

The report also looks at the central role played by workforce planning, essential elements for success, and how advanced practices can lead to informed, data-driven decisions.

Members can download The Value of Advanced Workforce Planning Capabilities today. Members and non-members can learn about best practices by downloading Aligning Talent Management and Workforce Planning.