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Bersin & Associates Pioneers Just-In-Time Training Solution on Fundamentals of Successful Talent Management

BersinBasics Delivers More Than 100 Fast, Easy-to-use Learning Modules Based on Ten Years of Best-practice Research Among Thousands of Companies

Oakland, CA – December 7, 2011Bersin & Associates, the premier research and consulting firm empowering Human Resource (HR) organizations to drive bottom-line impact, today introduced BersinBasics™, the first research-based audio-visual learning solution that enables business leaders and HR professionals to rapidly learn the fundamentals of successful talent management in a “just-in-time” learning format.

BersinBasics delivers easy-to-use training on all aspects of talent management through 100-plus short video learning modules, selected Bersin & Associates research, tools and case studies. Lessons are easy to use on the job, delivered in a fast, dynamic, social learning environment and are based on best-practices research among thousands of companies representing millions of employees.

“Our research shows that fewer than 25 percent of line managers feel fully comfortable with the practices of coaching, goal-setting, performance assessment, development planning, leadership assessment, and other critical areas of talent management.” said Josh Bersin, chief executive officer and president, Bersin & Associates. “BersinBasics is designed to give these people fast and easy access to these critically important skills in a dynamic, social, online learning environment.”

Bersin & Associates research[1] shows that companies with mature talent management practices report median revenue that is 26 percent higher per employee than their peers, turnover that is 40 percent lower, and innovation and responsiveness that are 36 percent better than peer organizations. Yet the same research also shows that managers and HR professionals lack a deep understanding of talent management skills and find it difficult to learn and keep up to date on proven successful solutions.

“BersinBasics’ core value is in training line leaders in key HR best practices, building skills for entry-level HR professionals and cross-training HR employees in new skills outside of their traditional expertise so they may rapidly become more effective in their jobs,” said Ann Schulte, vice president, Global Talent Acquisition, Management & Development at MasterCard Worldwide. “Employees can immediately find just the module they need, minimizing the impact on productivity. Plus, there is the ability to add our own materials to the platform to customize the program.”

BersinBasics uses best-in-class learning strategies and differs from traditional online talent management courseware in several ways:

  • Content is short, modular and fast (each module runs less than five minutes). Highly visual, graphically animated, and easy to absorb quickly, BersinBasics helps busy managers get smart fast. Each 3- to 5-minute lesson supports adult learning methods: tell me, show me, let me try. Game features are included to make the learning fun.
  • Modules deliver just-in-time learning.Audio-visual modules can be used one at a time, as needed. For example, if you are setting goals you can jump directly to that module without wading through an entire course. All modules are instantly accessible through search or fast, easy, dynamic menus.
  • Learning is social and collaborative. The BersinBasics platform enables individuals to collaborate with each other, comment on and rate content, and earn points for completing content. Organizations can also upload their own forms, documents, templates, videos and other materials to customize their company’s talent management programs.
  • BersinBasics delivers proven, successful best practices, based on years of research. All 100-plus modules are based on ten years of Bersin & Associates global best-practices research. Modules refer to case studies, frameworks, and models directly taken from Bersin & Associates’ research library.

BersinBasics is available to Bersin & Associates research members for an additional per user fee. The learning solution is tightly integrated with Bersin & Associates research so BersinBasics extends the value of the Bersin membership throughout an organization.

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[1] Talent Management Factbook 2010/Bersin Associates