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About the Solution Provider Library
The Bersin & Associates Solution Provider Library is an objective, comprehensive, and dynamic database of software, service, and content providers. For each included Solution Provider, you’ll find a company overview, descriptions of offerings, key differentiators, and our analysis.
The library is designed to be an unbiased and qualified resource for supporting your evaluations and purchasing decisions. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific solution provider, creating an evaluation list for a potential purchase, or simply educating yourself on the market, you’ll find the Solution Provider Library to be a valuable complement to our research.
Our Solution Provider Library is different from other offerings in several important ways:

  • The library is completely funded by Bersin & Associates.
  • The library contains no advertising, and solution providers do not pay to be included.
  • When a solution provider is referenced in one or more of our research reports, you can go right to the research for more information.
  • Our system includes a brief analysis, written by one of our analysts. You’ll get a quick, objective assessment based on our most recent briefing.
  • In order to be included in the library, a solution provider must have at least 20 customers, provide us with 3 customer references, and participate in an analyst briefing.

Access to the Solution Provider Library is included in our Enterprise Membership.
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