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Capability Development

“Capability development” describes the integrated concepts of talent development, performance-driven learning, and operational training.

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The Diversity and Inclusion Framework: A Guide to Transforming Organizations
Diversity & Inclusion | 03/31/2014 | This report describes the Bersin by Deloitte Diversity and Inclusion Framework, which discusses designing a diversity and inclusion strategy, governance and management of a diversity and inclusion function, and designing and implementing diversity and inclusion solutions.
The Diversity and Inclusion Primer: An Introduction
Diversity & Inclusion | 03/31/2014 | This report is designed for those new to diversity and inclusion, be they HR, business, or new diversity and inclusion leaders, and covers relevant definitions and historical developments in the diversity and inclusion field.
The Role of Job-Specific Competencies in Enabling Business Execution
Competency Management | 03/24/2014 | This research bulletin is designed to identify the benefits, challenges, and potential solutions associated with using technical competencies as it pertains to three key stakeholder groups: senior leaders, managers and employees, and HR.
The Succession Management Framework: A Modern Approach for Building the Bench of the Future
Succession Management | 03/20/2014 | This report provides an overview of the Bersin by Deloitte Succession Management Framework, which integrates the challenges of developing and retaining a strong bench of high performers as driven by today's business needs.
WhatWorks Brief: The Corporate Learning Factbook 2014—Benchmarks, Trends, and Analysis of the U.S. Training Market
Learning Measurement | 02/03/2014 | Recognized as the training industry’s most trusted source of data on training budgets, staffing, and programs, The Corporate Learning Factbook 2014 provides key training benchmarks and valuable guidance to help L&D executives to make the right investment decisions.
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Talent Strategy | 12/18/2013 | This research report looks at the trends, challenges, and issues that will impact HR in 2014.
Learning Organization Maturity Model
Organization & Governance | 11/08/2013 | Handout summarizing the four levels of maturity for learning organizations.
Learning Organization Maturity Model (editable PPT)
Organization & Governance | 11/08/2013 | Editable PowerPoint presentation summarizing the four levels of maturity for learning organizations.
High-Impact Talent Analytics: Building a World-Class HR Measurement and Analytics Function
HR & Talent Analytics | 10/07/2013 | Our research identifies certain areas that can accelerate an organization’s HR measurement and analytics capabilities. Using this report, HR leaders can assess where they are today and examine the key levers for advancing their efforts.
Compensation Management Technology Solutions 2013: A Primer and Buyers Guide
Talent Strategy | 10/04/2013 | This research provides an introduction to the challenges with compensation management, a buyer's guide of criteria for tools that aid human capital managers in managing equitable and competitive compensation, a review of selected vendors that provide this functionality as part of an integrated talent management suite, and the compensation management market in 2013.