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A “wiki” is a collaborative website to which any registered user can easily add content or make changes to existing content. Wikis feature a loosely structured set of pages linked in multiple ways to each other and to Internet resources, and employ an open-editing system. The primary goal of wiki sites is to act as a shared (albeit growing) repository of knowledge. Further, wiki content is expected to have some degree of seriousness and permanence.

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The Diversity and Inclusion Primer: An Introduction
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Content Development | 11/15/2013 | This report describes our research on video-learning usage patterns, latest trends, and future directions—in addition to guidelines for L&D practitioners who want to leverage video to enhance their learning solutions.
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Talent Strategy | 09/30/2013 | This research bulletin explores why employees’ reputations and networks are especially important today, the role of online tools in publicizing those employees’ reputations, and the benefit of these tools to managers and the organization.