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Bersin's WhatWorks methodology defines High-Impact organizations as those which succeed in three ways:  effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment.

“Efficiency” refers to an HR or L&D organization's ability to continuously drive down cost.  Since nearly all HR and L&D programs are an expense (with the exception of customer training which drives revenues), it is important for the organization to continuously benchmark itself to find ways to reduce costs.

Our Factbooks contain industry by industry data on spending levels, headcount levels, and many other benchmarks which you can use to determine how efficient you are.  In training, efficiency measures include the measurement of "time to develop" as well as "time to deploy" in addition to various financial measures.

We recommend that readers consult the appropriate Factbook for the measures in your area, and then read High-Impact Learning Measurement or The Training Measurement Book for details on how to measure efficiency.

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