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Effectiveness Measures

Bersin's WhatWorks methodology defines High-Impact organizations as those which succeed in three ways:  effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment.

“Effectiveness” measures how well the training or HR organization is driving business impact, and achieving its business and operational goals.  Effectiveness is measured in different ways by different organizations, but typical "effectiveness" measures are defined by the business stakeholder.  

For example, if a stakeholder wants a certain course to be delivered by a certain date, the delivery on time is an effectiveness measure.  If a goal of a certain HR program is to drive higher levels of retention, then an "effectiveness" measure is the ability for that program to meet and drive that level of retention.  In all HR and L&D operations there are many effectiveness measures.

"The Training Measurement Book" defines effectiveness measures for L&D in great detail, so we recommend reading that book or High-Impact Learning Measurement for more specific examples.