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Bersin by Deloitte empowers HR and learning leaders to drive bottom-line impact through our world-class WhatWorks® research membership.


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Bersin by Deloitte delivers research-based people strategies designed to help leaders drive exceptional business performance. Our WhatWorks® membership gives HR, talent and learning professionals the information and tools they need to design leading practice solutions, benchmark against others, develop staff, and select and implement systems. A piece of Bersin by Deloitte research is downloaded on average approximately every minute during the business day. More than 5,000 organizations worldwide use our research and consulting to guide their HR, talent and learning strategies.

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Creative Minds: In and Out of Silicon Valley

  Innovation is alive and well in the start-up world:  the world of talent acquisition at least. In a panel at the MIT-Stanford VLab, a panel of young companies strutted their stuff in a VLAB session called ... Read the full article

Cloud Cover for the SMB Market

Small and mid-sized businesses are sometimes ignored in the data that looks at cloud adoption, as attention goes to global corporations deploying enterprise-wide ERP solutions across their widespread landscapes.  But whether they started... Read the full article

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